4-H Softball

Welcome to 4-H Softball 2020

In an effort to stay on the positive attitude side of things we are still asking you to sign up for 4-H Softball this year. How COVID-19 ends up affecting the season will just have to be a wait and see situation. In the meantime we are hoping to fit in at least a game or two this summer and if you sign up by May 1st you get a t-shirt.

We need YOU this year to make another fun filled season of Junior and Senior League Softball.

How does 4-H Softball work? 4-H softball is a fast pitch league with strikes and balls called by a volunteer umpire. The Junior League is a coach pitch league which helps keep the game moving along and gives the kids the best chance of getting quality pitches to swing at. The Senior League has their own pitchers. This is a low-key league where everyone is welcome to play, encouraged to do their best and reminded it is just a game. The only equipment you need is a glove. The 4-H Softball committee supplies helmets, bats and catching equipment. We teach the fundamentals of the game which includes not only throwing and catching but sportsmanship and encouragement of fellow players.

Interested? You will need sign up at wi.4honline.com under “Register a Member in an Event” near the bottom of the page. Once you choose the member you choose the “Event” which is Softball, of course. Once enrollment is closed the Softball committee will then create the final teams.

Junior League players need to be currently in 3-7th grade. Junior League regular season games will begin June 7th and end on July 5th.

Junior League games are Sunday evenings at 6:00pm.

Senior League players need to be currently in 7-13th grade. Seventh graders may choose to play on either the Junior or Senior League. Senior League regular season games will begin June 9th and end on July 7th. Senior League games are Tuesday evenings at 6:30pm.

We will end the season with a Potluck Game July 12th. A full schedule will be available soon after registration closes on May 1st.

Your club will be billed after sign up closes at $10 per player.

If you have any other questions or concerns please feel free to call Darrel Markham at 262-642-2748 or email darrelmarkham@hotmail.com

According to 4-H History Preservation, 4-H Softball has a rich national 4-H history, since the beginning in the 1930’s it has transformed and enriched the life of 4-H members and alumni to this day.  Frank Graham, former Chairman of Extension Youth Development at the University of Missouri, advocated for the sport in article published in June 1966 in the National 4-H News.

He explained, “Sports help make young people well rounded. They develop physically, mentally, morally and socially. As a nation, we are falling short of top physical condition, the experts say. We need more exercise, and 4-H can help. Mental development comes from sports in the form of alertness and good reactions and reflexes. Learning good sportsmanship is a moral gain, I feel, and learning to win or lose gracefully develops boys and girls socially.” and he went on to say sports can contribute to good citizenship through the teaching of courage, self-discipline, and persistence. He insisted when youth participate in sports, it acts as a springboard to participation in other educational activities of 4-H.



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