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Farm Ready Research Recorded Webinar Sessions Available

We’re you busy and could not attend some of the webinars available on Farm Ready Research? Learn about equipment, animal care, and safety from our Winter 2020 series. All webinars are now available online for your convenience. This is the most up-to-date information available on dairy production, livestock production and farm management resources. Access webinar […]

Now Accepting New Master Gardener Volunteer Candidates

Walworth County is accepting new UW-Madison Extension Master Volunteers in 2022! For those that are interested in being a part of the statewide Master Gardener Volunteer program contact Julie Hill, Horticulture Outreach Specialist at, to be included in the local open house for new Master Gardener Volunteer candidates. The next step is to enroll […]

“Crush and Brush” Gypsy Moth

Are you seeing these caterpillars on your trees or hiding underneath things left lying around the yard? They are gypsy moth caterpillars that are busy eating and getting bigger and bigger until they get ready to change into their adult moth form. The gypsy moth has escalated into one of the most important insect pests […]

Agronomy/Soils Field Day August 25

The Departments of Soil Science and Agronomy in collaboration with the Arlington Ag Research Station invite you to join us at the Agronomy/Soils Field Day on August 25, 2021. We are trying a new format for the field day this year. The tour will consist of six stops with two speakers at each stop. We […]

Walworth Schools Explore Food Environments Through Virtual Education

When the school-year started in September 2020, students were able to return and learn in Walworth County classrooms. SNAP-Ed funded FoodWIse nutrition educators like Lisa Krolow, however, no longer had the flexibility to join students in-person because of safety restrictions. While virtual programs were growing with prerecorded lessons and asynchronous activities, Walworth elementary teachers were […]

Fly Control for Cattle Flies

Summer is here with the green grass, sunshine and all the insects that come with the heat. For cattle, flies are some of the most troublesome external parasites. There are numerous species of flies and all of them can have a negative impact on the productivity and profitability of your beef herd. Flies can reduce […]


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