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QWIC Bites- Kids in the Kitchen

  Easy Freezer Pasta and Vegetables Join us Tuesday December 17 at the Delavan library as we prepare a delicious pasta dish with homemade dressing. THIS IS A FREE EVENT! Tuesday December 17: 4PM-4:45PM      RSVP by calling (262) 741-3146 or e-mail Aram Public Library 404 E Walworth St Delavan, WI 53115

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Boletín Fit Families de abril

A veces el clima obliga a los niños a quedarse adentro. Esto no significa que no puedan divertirse sin ver la televisión. ¡Hay tantas actividades que pueden hacer adentro que traerán alegría y risas a su hogar! Lo que más me gusta hacer con mis hijos es construir un castillo de cobijas con muchas cobijas […]

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April Fit Families Newsletter

Sometimes the weather forces kids to stay inside. This doesn’t mean that they can’t have fun without watching tv. There are so many awesome activities that they can do inside that will bring joy and laughter throughout your home, as well as get them moving! My favorite thing to do with my kids is to […]

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Boletín Fit Families de marzo

Manténgase activo y tome mucha agua. Están empezando a haber rayos de sol y las temperaturas se están calentando en todo el país. ¿Está su hijo haciendo suficiente ejercicio? Los niños necesitan jugar afuera y adentro. Se sorprendería de cuántas frutas y verduras comerán los niños cuando estén disponibles. El boletín contiene una receta de […]

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March Fit Families Newsletter

Stay active and drink plenty of water. There are starting to be rays of sunshine and temperatures are warming up across the nation. Is your kid getting enough exercise? Kids need to play outside and inside. You would be surprised how many fruits and vegetables kids will eat when they are readily available. The newsletter […]

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February Fit Families Newsletter

Spring is around the corner. It’s time to start thinking about the family vegetable garden! Will you grow the same vegetables and/or fruits as last year? Or will you try something different this year? Have a fussy kid at the table? Try offering them different things and have fun with them. Food should not be […]


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The premier resource for food safety & health information for Wisconsin consumers. Your source for up-to-date and research-tested information on food preservation, food safety, starting a small food business, and hot topics in food safety and health.


Research-based help for small meat and poultry processors.

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