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Eggsploring Incubation

2021 Eggsploring Incubation Project Registration Form fillable

The Eggsploring Incubation 4-H Science Lab program provides a unique, highly engaging opportunity to explore the fragility of life, teamwork, self-responsibility, and contributions to a group effort.
Open to Walworth County teachers of grades 5K-12, the three-four week program provides classrooms with the supplies needed to incubate, hatch, and care for baby birds —either chicks or ducklings. All teachers and students need to add is a little TLC and creativity. Teachers who sign up will have access to fun lesson ideas, posters, and more! Automatic turners
come with the incubators to make incubation more manageable over the weekends. The Extension Office arranges homes for your babies, and help is always just a phone call away.

Cost per classroom is $20 for chicks and $30 for ducklings. If you plan to use your
own incubator, be prepared to tell how many eggs it holds when you call to sign up.
There is a limit of 5 classrooms hatching ducklings.

April 6 – April 30 for chicks
April 6- May 7 for ducklings

Registration deadline is March 12 at noon or when equipment/egg availability is depleted— whichever comes first. Both equipment and eggs are limited and registrations will be accepted on a first call, first reserve basis. Call 262 -379-9784
or email deborah.harris@wisc.edu to check equipment availability and sign-up BEFORE mailing in the registration form. Additionally, please realize that hatches are NOT guaranteed, and refunds won’t be made for eggs that don’t hatch.

2021 Eggsploring Incubation Promo Flier

To schedule your classroom for a program, call Debbie Harris, 4-H Youth Development Educator, at the UW-Extension office at 262-379-9784. Please have two or three dates in mind when you call. If multiple classrooms in your building are interested in the same program, please try to coordinate your schedules if it’s feasible. Once your date is confirmed by phone, complete the registration form and mail it in to the Walworth County UW-Extension office. You will be billed for the registration fees at a later date. Please do not send money with your registration.

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