About Nutrition Education In Walworth County

FoodWIse (formerly WNEP) helps families and individuals choose healthful diets, purchase and prepare healthful food and handle it safely, and become more food secure by spending their food dollars wisely.

Who do Walworth County Nutrition Educators teach?
We teach individuals and families of all ages, ranging from parents of infants to preschoolers to senior citizens. Below is a snapshot of our programming:

Walworth County FoodWIse staff offer nutrition education in several local school districts. We help children and teens understand healthy eating, and we also focus on food safety, especially handwashing. Much of our school-based nutrition education occurs in grades 4K-5 classrooms, but we do some teaching in high schools.

FoodWIse staff provide adult nutrition education in many settings, including Women, Infants, and Children (WIC) clinics, food pantries, and Head Start programs. Since adults are often the food purchasers in families, we help them learn to use their food dollars to buy healthful foods.

FoodWIse staff reach out to seniors with nutrition education programs offered on-site at income-eligible apartment complexes. We are also involved in Senior Farmers’ Market promotion efforts.

Where in Walworth County will you find FoodWIse staff?
You will find us in many community settings! We are privileged to work with community partners throughout Walworth County and to be able to offer nutrition education in their facilities. Our partners include:

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