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Pen of 3 Carcass Competition

Show Prep Reminders

Remember that breeding sheep and other sexually intact sheep must have a scrapies tag in order to exhibit at the Walworth County Fair. This includes market ewes and rams, regardless of age. Wethers intended for slaughter, which are less than 18 months old, do NOT need scrapies tags, even if the animals were acquired across state lines. Scrapies tagging is a family farm responsibility.

Lose an RFID Tag?

If any of your market lambs lose their RFID tag between now and the start of fair, it is your responsibility to contact Tim Ehlen at 608-676-2569 to have the animal retagged. Please look for and be ready to turn in the old tag that is being replaced. Any animals that show up at the fair without a tag will be subject to mandatory DNA testing at the exhibitor’s expense (approximately $100).

Meeting Requirements

  • YQCA Certification
  • One mandatory meeting

What counts as a Mandatory Meeting?

  • Any scheduled county sheep project meeting
  • Attendance at the 2020 Sheep Carcass Evaluation counts for 2021
  • Attendance at the 2021 Sheep Carcass Evaluation counts for 2022
  • Nasco sheep demonstration in May



Contact project leader Tim Ehlen at 608-201-0776.

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