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Research shows that America faces a future of intense global competition with a startling shortfall of scientists. In fact, only 5% of current U.S. college graduates earn science, engineering, or technology degrees, compared to 66% in Japan and 59% in China. To help address this shortfall, the National 4-H Council has declared SCIENCE one of three mission mandates to be addressed by 4-H professionals.

In Walworth County, we are pleased to offer a variety of fun, hands-on, science-based enrichment labs, intended to complement your existing classroom activities. Check out our school enrichment brochure and complete out a fillable form. There are also links to information on specific programs.

2020 4-H Science Lab Brochure

Please complete this fillable form, save it to your computer, and then email the filled out form to

2020 4-H Science Lab Registration Form – fillable

Eggsploring Incubation (Recommended for grades K-12)

On the Technology Trail (Recommended for grades 4-8)

From Dirty Water to Drinking Water (Recommended for grades 3-5)

Owl Encounter (Recommended for grades 3-6)

Ready, Set, Dough (Recommended for grades 1-5)

Amazing Careers in Agriculture (Recommended for grades 4-6)

Reduced to a Pulp (Recommended for grades 3-6)

The Honey Bee Challenge (Recommended for grades 3-5)

Wonders of Wildlife (Recommended for grades K-8)

To schedule your classroom for a program, call Debbie Harris, 4-H Youth Development Educator, at the UW-Extension office at 262-741-4959. Please have two or three dates in mind when you call. If multiple classrooms in your building are interested in the same program, please try to coordinate your schedules if it’s feasible. Once your date is confirmed by phone, complete the registration form and mail it in to the Walworth County UW-Extension office. You will be billed for the registration fees at a later date. Please do not send money with your registration.

For more information about our School Enrichment programs, contact Debbie Harris at the Walworth County UW-Extension office at 262-741-4959.

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