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The UW-Madison’s Extension Horticulture Program provides research-based gardening information.

Ask Your Gardening Questions

We are here to assist you with your indoor and outdoor plant, yard and landscape questions.

Contact Julie Hill, your Walworth County Horticulture Outreach Specialist, directly with your gardening questions:

Text/Mobile – 262-374-4191


Use the Ask Your Gardening Question online form.

Additional Gardening and Horticulture Resources

Additional resources can be found at the Wisconsin Horticulture Program website or you can use the quick links below:

Presentations and Outreach

Julie, your Walworth County Horticulture Outreach Specialist, is available to provide presentations on a variety of gardening related topics for groups and organizations. To schedule a presentation contact Julie at julie.hill@wisc.edu or 262-741-4958

Soil Testing

Soil Sample Information

Soil sample kits can be picked up at your local county UW-Extension office.

For more information on soil testing, visit the UW Soil Lab website.

Please note that your local UW-Extension office does not test soil samples. Once you pick up a soil sample bag packet from your local office, please follow the instructions provided and mail sample to the Soil & Plant Analysis Lab:

UW Soil & Forage Analysis Lab
4702 University Avenue
Madison, WI 53705

Wisconsin Master Gardeners

The University of Wisconsin-Madison Extension Master Gardener Program supports a network of individuals, known as Master Gardeners, dedicated to horticulture education, service, and lifelong learning. Through University research-based horticulture training, Master Gardeners are equipped to address needs and opportunities in their community and throughout the state.

Community Garden in Elkhorn

Community gardens provide common ground for people to grow plants, build strong communities, and provide the space needed for a garden.  Some benefits of gardening include raising fresh produce and saving money, learning new gardening skills, getting exercise, and unwinding.

Call 262-741-4963 to request a plot!

Recent Horticulture Topics

“Crush and Brush” Spongy Moth

Are you seeing these caterpillars on your trees or hiding underneath things left lying around the yard? They are spongy moth caterpillars (formerly known as gypsy moth) that are busy eating and getting bigger and bigger until they get ready to change into their adult moth form. The spongy moth has escalated into one of […]

WiBee App Tracks Wild Bee Pollinators

The WiBee App (pronounced wee-bee) is publicly available for anyone to use, whether you are a gardener, grower, student, or just interested in bees. The goal of the WiBee App is to observe and collect data on the abundance and diversity of wild bees visiting blooming crops on your farm. With the app, you complete […]

Rampant Ravaging Rusts

I really love this time of the year as plants emerge once again after their long winter naps.  I also love the fact that I now get to start looking once again for some of my favorite plant diseases.  At the top of the list at this time of the year are the rust diseases.  […]

Did you remember to do your tick check?

Warmer temperatures mean that Wisconsinites are spending a lot more time enjoying the outdoors with activities such as gardening, hiking, picnicking, and camping. However, spring also happens to be a season of peak tick activity in the Midwest. Ticks may be small but can have big health impacts as they carry diseases such as Lyme […]

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