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Spongy Moth

The warm temperatures have triggered the spongy moth caterpillars to emerge from their egg masses. Right now, the caterpillars are pretty tiny (see image below, taken 5/7), but you will likely see them as you are also starting to enjoy spring outdoors. These little caterpillars are going to keep feeding and growing to become large […]

Practicing the Pause

Practicing the Pause is a weekly, 30-minute virtual space to practice a variety of techniques to calm your mind and body, decrease stress, and increase self-awareness and resiliency. We’ll practice holding space while also practicing skills such as deep breathing, guided imagery, gentle stretching, etc. We gather every Thursday morning, from 8:30-9:00 AM. You are […]

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Rent Smart – Train the Trainer Professional Development Opportunity

This training is designed to help trainers facilitate the Rent Smart program effectively in theirown organizations and communities.

Know your rights and protections when it comes to medical bills and collections

Are you aware there are more than $88 billion of outstanding medical bills currently in collections—affecting one in five Americans?  Medical bills can be very confusing and overwhelming and often come at a time when you may already be in distress.  You might feel like you’re navigating a winding maze of information to understand what […]

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Free Virtual Rent Smart Programs

Helping to make renting a great experience for you!  Rent Smart focuses on the knowledge and skills essential for a successful renting experience.  It challenges participants to know and understand their rights and responsibilities as a tenant, as well as know and understand the rights and responsibilities of their landlord. FREE – OPEN TO THE PUBLIC!

Farm Ready Research Recorded Webinar Sessions Available

We’re you busy and could not attend some of the webinars available on Farm Ready Research? Learn about equipment, animal care, and safety from our Winter 2020 series. All webinars are now available online for your convenience. This is the most up-to-date information available on dairy production, livestock production and farm management resources. Access webinar […]

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