4-H Science Explorers

4-H Science Explorers Programming

According to a September, 2020 U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics report, science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) jobs are expected to increase 8% by 2029.  These occupations include computer and mathematical, architecture and engineering, and life and physical science occupations, as well as managerial and postsecondary teaching occupations and sales occupations requiring scientific or technical knowledge at the postsecondary level.   The current (2019) median salary of STEM positions is more than double that of non-STEM positions (Employment in STEM Occupations, 2020). Check out these exciting programs offered by the 4-H Science Explorers program:

Night at the Museum Series (grades 3-5) –- Sign up HERE by June 20

Into the Lab (grades 6-8) — Sign up HERE by July 7

Scientists Live Series (grades 8-13)  — Available Now

4-H Science Explorers programming is a collaborative effort between the 4-H Youth Development Educators in Crawford, Lafayette, and Walworth Counties and the BioTrek staff at UW-Madison.  The overarching goals of this programming are four-fold:

  • Expose program participants to STEM-related careers
  • Connect program participants with real world scientists
  • Increase program participants’ interest in STEM-related fields by showcasing science as fun and achievable.
  • Grow program participants’ knowledge and skills by engaging in hands-on science content activities
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