Elkhorn Area

Cache ID #:  GC86Y7Z
Geocache Name:
“My Childhood Neighborhood”
General Physical Location: within the Meadow Blossoms neighborhood near Frank’s, Elkhorn
Caution:  Please be respectful while you search, as you will be walking on the property lines of residents living in the area to get to this cache.  Please park on the road.  This is a REGULAR cache.


Cache ID #:  GC29RDG
Geocache Name: “The Cache of Bray Road”
General Physical Location:
Bray Road, Elkhorn
Caution:  You will need to park on the side of the road for this cache.  Adult supervision is required.  This road is a fairly quiet one, but may be busier during harvest season.  This is a SMALL cache.


Cache ID #:  GC3A86N

Geocache Name:  “Walworth County Geo-Race:  Sign-up Cache”
General Physical Location:  Price Park Nature Conservancy, Elkhorn, WI

Caution:  This cache is in delicate condition, but it’s well stocked for its size.  It was part of the geo-race sign-up, but shows no signs of race play presently.  It’s just a fun cache to find in a great location. Minor bushwhacking required.  BRING YOUR OWN PEN just in case.

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