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4-H Freezing Workshop

The county 4-H Food Preservation leadership is offering a Freezing Workshop on Saturday, November 9, from 1-3:30 p.m. in the County Government Center, Elkhorn.  This hands-on workshop is open to all youth, grades 3-13.  4-Hers are welcome to sign-up their non-4-H friends.  During the workshop, participants will prepare applesauce and butternut squash for freezing, and each participant will […]

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¡Es la temporada de los mercados de agricultores! Sal y disfruta de todos los diferentes mercados en el estado. Hay mercados que suceden todos los días de la semana dependiendo en la ciudad. Muchos de estos mercados aceptan los cheques de WIC para mercados agricultores (Farmer’s Market Checks). ¡No olvide sus bolsas! Las van a […]


Instant Pot not for Canning

Are these electric multi-cookers safe for canning? Unfortunately, the answer is ‘No’. These units have not been tested to ensure that they may produce safe canned food, they are only recommended for cooking. Typically a pressure canner can be used as a pressure cooker, just not the other way around! To find out more, visit: […]


Cómo Conservar Las Sobras

Familias normalmente tienen sobras durante sus cenas de la semana. Durante las tiempos festivos, generalmente hay tantas sobras que las familias pueden hacer otras comidas adicionales con ellos. Antes de que pueda volver a usar esos alimentos, se deben almacenarse adecuadamente. La temperatura importa y la refrigeración importa. Aquí hay una guía sobre cómo almacenar […]


Turkey Chat 2017

Have you been turkey talking? All across the nation families will get together this month and enjoy a feast with some delicious turkey, green bean casserole and all the fixings. There are so many ways to prepare a turkey, but before you get to cooking, you have to first buy the turkey and decide if […]


Canning season is coming!

Start planning now for home canning, food preservation season UW-Extension website offers recipes, how-to videos and more When it comes to flavor and taste, few things compare to home-canned produce fresh from the garden. The home canning and preserving season will be here before we know it, so now is a good time to start […]