April Fit Families Newsletter

Sometimes the weather forces kids to stay inside. This doesn’t mean that they can’t have fun without watching tv. There are so many awesome activities that they can do inside that will bring joy and laughter throughout your home, as well as get them moving! My favorite thing to do with my kids is to […]

Boletín Fit Families de marzo

Manténgase activo y tome mucha agua. Están empezando a haber rayos de sol y las temperaturas se están calentando en todo el país. ¿Está su hijo haciendo suficiente ejercicio? Los niños necesitan jugar afuera y adentro. Se sorprendería de cuántas frutas y verduras comerán los niños cuando estén disponibles. El boletín contiene una receta de […]

March Fit Families Newsletter

Stay active and drink plenty of water. There are starting to be rays of sunshine and temperatures are warming up across the nation. Is your kid getting enough exercise? Kids need to play outside and inside. You would be surprised how many fruits and vegetables kids will eat when they are readily available. The newsletter […]

February Fit Families Newsletter

Spring is around the corner. It’s time to start thinking about the family vegetable garden! Will you grow the same vegetables and/or fruits as last year? Or will you try something different this year? Have a fussy kid at the table? Try offering them different things and have fun with them. Food should not be […]

Boletín de enero de Fit Families

Tenemos un clima interesante. A veces hace frío, a veces hace más frío y, a veces, hace suficiente calor afuera para salir a jugar. Es importante tener actividades planeadas teniendo en cuenta el clima. Hay algo especial en trineos sobre nieve fresca. Si hace demasiado frío afuera, toca algo de música adentro y diviértete bailando […]

Fit Families January Newsletter

Interesting weather we’re having. Sometimes it’s cold sometimes it’s colder and sometimes it’s warm enough outside to go out and play! It’s important to have activities planned with the weather in mind. There is just something special about sledding on some fresh snow. If it’s too cold outside, play some music inside and have some […]

Turkey Talkin’

Let’s Talk Turkey… Tips for successfully presenting your Thanksgiving bird.  Perhaps the biggest holiday meal of the year is just around the corner. Thanksgiving brings families together from all across the state to share a meal that often centers on roast turkey and all the fixings. To help you prepare the holiday meal, University of […]

Fit Families boletín de noviembre

Con noviembre aquí, habrá alguna charla de pavo. ¿Qué comidas tiene tu familia tradicionalmente cada año? ¿Alguna vez tu familia ha intentado mezclar un poco las cosas? Por ejemplo, ¿has probado puré de batatas? También puede hacer batatas al horno o como postre, con solo un poco de azúcar y mantequilla. Busque en el boletín […]

Fit Families November Newsletter

With November here, there will be some turkey talk. What meals does your family traditionally have every year? Has your family ever tried mixing things up a little bit? For example, have you tried mashed sweet potatoes? You can also have sweet potatoes baked or as a dessert, just take it easy on sugar and […]

Fit Families Boletín de octubre

¿Has notado las hojas que caen de los árboles afuera? La gente va a empezar a recoger hojas y haciendo montones de hojas para sacarlos de su césped. ¡Es realmente difícil ver un montón de hojas y no querer saltar en el montón! Si no puede saltar a un montón de hojas, hay otras actividades […]

Fit Families October Newsletter

Have you noticed the leaves falling off the trees outside? People are going to start raking leaves and making piles of leaves to remove them from their lawns. It is really difficult to see a pile of leaves and not want to jump in! If you can’t jump into a pile of leaves, there are […]

Get ready, Get set, Get your free credit report

UW-Extension: Check your free credit report to build financial security  Federal law gives everyone the right to request three free credit reports each year—one each from the three credit bureaus: Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion. There are three ways to order your free credit report: through the mail, by phone toll free, or at the official […]

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