Geocache Challenge


Walworth County 4-H Family Challenge


Navigate. Search. Problem Solve. Discover. Celebrate. These are just a few of the things your family can do together when you complete the Geocaching 4-H Family Challenge! Even if you’ve never geocached before…You. Can. Do. This.

Follow the directions below to earn one entry into the 4-H Family Challenge Prize drawing each time you visit a new cache. First county drawing: December 15; second county drawing: March 15. Last date to enter: March 5.

How to Complete This Challenge:

If you have never geocached before, you will need to download a free app to your cell phone or device. There are many to choose from. We used “Geocaching by Groundspeak.” It is the official app of The free version of this app is all you’ll need to find the caches that are a part of the challenge—and many more if you choose to cache outside of this challenge.

    1. Choose any one of the specific caches listed below to visit, and search the geocache ID number in the app. It will bring up information about the cache. Before heading to the cache, be sure to grab the 4-H sticker provided in your 4-H Kick-off Packet, a bit of swag, and a writing tool.
    2. Use the navigation function to travel to the cache. For your convenience, the physical address of the cache location is provided below, as well. Once at the location, use the app’s compass function to navigate to the cache’s specific hiding spot. Most of the caches in this challenge are “small” or “regular.” This means they are the size of a sandwich box or bigger. Micro caches in this challenge are about the size of a magnetic key keeper. Review the cache description in the app to learn more about the specific cache, get a hint about its hiding spot, glean info from those who have recently visited, and more.
    3. Once you’ve found the cache, take a family selfie with it in hand. (Be sure to aim your shot away from where the container was hidden, so the hiding spot remains a secret). Post it on social media with the hashtag #WalCo4HFamilyChallenge or email it to  
    4. If you’d like to partake in the treasure, be sure to leave one item for each item you take. Additionally, drop in the 4-H sticker if this is the first cache you have visited as part of the Geocaching Challenge. Don’t take a trackable item (e.g. a travel bug) from a cache unless you are committed to moving it to another location in a short time span.
    5. Sign the log with your team name (which is totally your choice) and #WalCo4HFamilyChallenge.
    6. Report your participation in this challenge at THIS LINK:   This step earns you an entry in the “4-H Family Challenge Prize Drawing.”

Geocaches to choose from:

Clinton Area, Darien, Delavan, ElkhornEast TroyLake Geneva, SharonWhitewater

Key Geocaching Terms to Know


What does it mean?


The “treasure” found inside of a geocache; if you take a trinket from a cache, you must leave one in exchange.  Typical swag includes small items such as plastic toy figures, bouncy balls, anything little enough to fit that you think will make someone else (youth or adult) smile.


“Thanks For The Cache.”  This is a common message to post in the app when you log that you “found” the cache.


“Did Not Find.”


Passersby; people who may be in the vicinity of a cache when you are looking for it.  Your goal, while geocaching, is to covertly find caches without others seeing where they are.


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